Statement Regarding decision of disciplinary court against Judge Mr. Juraj Babjak

Since 2009, signators of the independent Initiative For Open Judiciary are pointing at several controversial disciplinary proceedings against Judges who publicly displayed their critical points of view on situation in Slovak justice. One of these is Juraj Babjak, Judge of Regional Court in Banská Bystrica, who has more than 30 years long judiciary experience and who is also known as an author of several important decisions for penal judiciary. Moreover he had been Judge of Constitutional Court of Slovak republic for 7 years.

Because of allegedly subjectively caused hold-outs in cases assigned to him, he was condemned by decision of first-degree Disciplinary Court to relocation to a District Court. Disciplinary Court did not take into consideration the fact that management of the Court where Juraj Babjak was working was for a long period of time giving warnings about his inappropriate load of work which resulted in his inability to solve all the cases in the deadline set by law.

We are persuaded that the disciplinary proceeding of Judge Juraj Babjak has nothing to do with his fulfillment of his duties and with fair penalty. It is more about revenge to his publicly presented opinion to problems of Slovak justice and his personal courage to not to accept the pressure of justice ruled by power and people around Štefan Harabin.

If there is a real interest in having independent, polite, professionally mature and personally courageous Judges in Slovak justice, the society should offer certain support to Judges such as Juraj Babjak and not allow them to become a victim of users of current justice system.

In Bratislava, 6th April 2011

JUDr. Katarína Javorčíková
Spokesperson of the initiative


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