Disciplinary procedure against Judge Kristina Glezgova - 14th questionmark

Mikulas Geczi, Chairman of the District Court in Lucenec, filed on 8 September 2008 against the Judge a disciplinary motion based on the fact that in a civil law dispute between the legal entity – the petitioner and the general hospital and policlinic Vseobecna nemocnica s poliklinikou, n.o. Lucenec – the defendant, upon the complaint of the hospital over Judge’s prejudice in procedure of 17 December 2006, the Judge stated that she does not feel to be prejudiced and she proposed not to be excluded from the decision making.

Information of JUDr K. Javorcikova to all judges

Dear colleagues,

On 26 May 2010 SITA press agency published this agency report:

SME: Harabin: Diplomats buy the judges through small gifts

Bratislava. Stefan Harabin, President of the Supreme Court has suspicion- it is said, that the western ambassadors corrupt dissatisfied judges. Diplomats visited disciplinary procedures with these judges. “I do not meet foreign ambassadors before Christmas and I do not accept their small gifts. This also should be mentioned in relation to those judges, if this could be corruption, political or other, “ Harabin said. He repeated that diplomats interfered internal affairs in Slovakia. “Definitely no Slovak ambassador would visit any disciplinary procedure with a judge in Austria, who released Fritzl free from custody.“

13 disciplinary actions against Judges – 13 questionmarks

Current information on disciplinary actions against Judges as of 30 April 2010:

Orientation initiative FOR OPEN JUDICIARY

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The society rightly expects that the judicial power will guarantee the rule of law and justice and that the judges will be professional and moral authorities for the public. The very low confidence in judiciary shows that today the judicial power does not fulfil this expectation.

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