Communiqué ZOJ, october 2011

A group of judges at the foundation Conference in Soporna on 15 October 2011 established the civic association Judges “For Open Judiciary“ (“ZOJ“).

The association continues in existing activities of an informal judicial initiative of the same name. It is open to all judges who are persuaded that looking for and implementation of justice is their role.

ZOJ will promote openness and transparency of judiciary, independence of judicial power and responsibility of judges for their positions.

In promoting its aims ZOJ will communicate with wide public.

Done at Soporna, 15 October 2011


JUDr. Katarina Javorcikova

ZOJ President

Articles of civic association judges "For open judiciary"








ZOJ Position on the EAJ Resolution of 4 September 2011

Wider version:
The Resolution is based on incorrect information on current legislative changes in Slovak judiciary:

Deklaration FOJ, 23. june 2011

Abuse of judicial power, limits of its independence, ethics and moral are the main terms that are heard in our whole society.

Deklaration of The AJS on Report by Mr. G. Woratsch

Declaration of the Association of Judges in Slovakia (hereinafter AJS) on Report on the State of the Slovak Judiciary drawn by Mr. Gűnter Woratsch (Honorary President of the International Association of Judges – IAJ)

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