Analysis of Current Situation in Slovak Judiciary

15 judges in their letter of 2 September 2009 informed the top constitutional officials  about disciplinary procedures against judges that would purposefully remove some judges from judiciary or are threatening and mobbing. Truth of the letter was confirmed by disciplinary motions against judges following published letter. Peter Paluda, Judge of the Supreme Court was suspended his judicial position because he filed a criminal motion against the Chairman of the Supreme Court. Jana Dubovcová the Judge of the District Court in Banská Bystrica was suspended her judicial position because of her critical opinions related to judiciary and to the Chairman of the Supreme Court. Both judges were proposed the strictest disciplinary punishment of removal from their judicial positions. These are similar cases as the disciplinary procedure against the Judge Darina Kuchtová for her evidence in criminal procedure, the disciplinary procedure against the Judge Anna Benešová with motion for removing her from her judicial position with suspended position because she did not allow recording at a hearing, and other cases reported in the open letter.

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